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Ledger Nano X adds bluetooth support for Bitcoin access on your mobile phone

On Sunday at CES, the crypto wallet company Ledger revealed its latest device which is a bluetooth supported crypto wallet. The device is roughly similar to the previous Nano S, offering more support for multiple wallets and coin types but leaving internals otherwise the same.

The new feature of the NanoX will allow the wallet to connect to mobile devices through the new Ledger Live app leveraging bluetooth.

Wallets typically connect over USB, and any wireless capability raises the risk of unauthorized access. One of the biggest concerns with bluetooth is the potential security risks.

Ledger responded to this concern by saying that the Nano X is designed to only respond to devices running the corresponding Ledger app, which has its own security features to preserve authenticity.

The devices typically require a PIN to unlock and support multiple physical devices tied to the same key, providing strong protection against theft or accidental loss.

As of now, there still isn’t any exact release date for the product or a retail price, however¬†Ledger CEO Eric Larchev√™que has said the Nano S will fall in price after the Nano X is released.


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Samuel Tan

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