Lady Liberty Kicks Off A Bitcoin Treasure Hunt

A mural painting made in Paris currently withholds a reward made up in Bitcoin for the very first person who can successfully solve the visual puzzle, and the bounty continues to grow thanks to contributions made from the community. The prize was stated to have been around BTC o.26 when the puzzle was first revealed and continues to rise at unprecedented numbers.

The mural seems to be a remake one the ionic Eugene Delacroix work of Liberty Lead the People and with Lady Liberty leading a group of Gilets Jaunes protesters into confrontation as she holds the French flag in the air, and this work was done by the artist known as Pascal Boyart, also known as French Banksy.

Within the mural holds a hidden private key with a grand prize, which anyone can also donate in order to increase the amount, but not everyone will be capable of participating. In his Twitter account, Boyart told his followers that they would need to be in Paris physically and in front of the mural to even participate in the treasure hunt.

The hunt for this treasure officially began when Boyart made both a tweet and post on Reddit of his artwork. Comments made in Reddit revealed that people who cannot physically be at the location of the painting will not be capable of participating of this puzzle.

Our Thoughts

Rewarding a hoard of Bitcoins with a treasure hunt is quite an exciting idea that been done plenty of times before. While nothing new, it can help people become even more invested with the current climate that Paris is undergoing economically and possible foster even more positive among the folks.

Are you participating in this treasure hunt?

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