Kevin Connolly To Host A Show About Crypto In Development

Famous TV start for the show Entourage will be hosting a show on crypto to the mainstream. According to information provided by Breaker. Kevin Connolly, the actor who played the character Eric “E” Murphy on the show Entourage, has recently partnered up with media crypto fans Jason King and Erik Sords to develop a show that touches upon the ups and downs of the crypto industry. The name of this upcoming show is simply called Cryptos.

“These guys [Sords and King] want to bring [cryptocurrency] to the mainstream for the better of cryptocurrency. I’m just the filmmaker interested in telling cool stories and exploring cool characters,” Connolly said to Breaker. “For me, it’s about relationships and friendships. That’s what people tune in to see.”

The show will mainly be centered on a small group of friends and document their struggles as they try to achieve in developing a decentralize film studio.

While there hasn’t been any announcement of big-time networks picking up on this cryptocurrency show, it doesn’t seem like this interesting premise for a show has much ground to stand on as of yet, but with how resilient crypto can be it might be interesting to see some of the real powerhouses of crypto to be given a live show

“They claim to be in the process of producing the first 10 episodes, with the hope of being picked up by Netflix, Amazon Prime, or another content-hungry platform,” Breaker wrote.

Our Thoughts

While the show may not have much to stand on at the moment, having a premise about crypto is a great way to spread the word of cryptocurrency even further to the normal populace who doesn’t keep up with it. By showing the advantages crypto in general can have for every day living, interests could sky rocket among the more mundane folks.

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