Justin Sun Announces Over 2 Million Transaction and 700,000 Accounts Registered on Tron

During it’s initial launch, Tron made some pretty large promises and it seems like the network is steadily achieving most of them.

In a Recent twee, Justin Sun, Founder of Tron, announced that the network has successfully reached an all new record for transactions per day, with over 2 million transactions and 700,000 accounts registered. It should be noted that during a recent weekly update made on November 16 showed that the average daily transaction was up to 1.36 million higher than that of Ethereum’s record of 1.34 million.

More News

As stated in the Tweet above, Sun isn’t done giving out great news and is waiting to unleash it during niTRON2019. Tron fans will also be able to win some free passes if they retweet to him at the current moment.

While we are sure what the news may be it’s quite possible it might have to do with the annoucement of TRON becoming a privacy coins, as mentioned in a podcast he did with Bad Crypto Podcast.

Our Thoughts

TRON continuous to wow they cryptocomunnity with it’s on going growth and it’s going to be quite interesting to see what they have in store for us during the next year.  TRON is on it’s way towards changing the world and we’ll be here to report it.

Let us know your thoughts.

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Keith Wang

Keith Wang is a writer and programmer specializing in bitcoin and blockchain technology. Keith has been a long time believer of bitcoin and blockchain technology and spends his free time following up with blockchain news. You can contact Keith at keith@cryptomenow.com

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