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Justin Sun Advises Ethereum and Consensys Staff Suffering Layoffs To Join The Tron Family

Justin Sun, CEO of Tron, has spoken out recently in concern for Ethereum developers, with him suggesting they apply to Tron for Job opportunities. According to a Twitter post made by Sun, he says Tron will be happy to welcome Ethereum and Consensys staff to work for them.

Sun’s post comes during a time with recent news circulating that ConsenSys was laying off over half its current workforce. While ConsenSys has denied these allegations of layoffs happening, they did confirm that certain projects would most likely have no choice but to leave the company.

Justin Sun has always been a huge advocate for Tron protocol being much superior to Ethereum. He’s done his best to seduce Ethereum developers to migrate their projects onto Tron, with some success as well.

Our Thoughts

Tron main purpose as blockchain company is to decentralize the internet and make it accessible to everyone around the globe. During this past year the company has manage to achieve plenty of success that have given Sun plenty of bragging rights, such as it’s recent increase in TRX transaction volume and innovations this year.

Do you think former Ethereum and ConsenSys developers will jump onto the Tron train?

Let us know your thoughts.

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