John Carvalho Challenges Roger Ver To A Duel For The Right To Own Domain

John Carvalho has recently challenged the CEO and current owner of for a fight to own the domain name, which was revealed during a recent interview conducted by Peter McCormack during his “what Bitcoin Did” podcast.

The stipulations for this challenger and the wager placed forth by Carvalho has as of yet to be decided, but the cryptocurrency community is definitely hyping up this future fight. Carvalho challenge has been very clear on what he wants to gain from this fight if he wins, during an interview with Vlad Costea of Crypto Insider. He stated, “The best way to diffuse Roger [Ver] is to get from him.”

Peter McCormack has interest in Carvalho’s challenge to Roger Ver during another episode of the “What Bitcoin Did” podcast and has yet to know his decision, although Carvalho has confirmed that Roger was interested.

When asked what plans he had for if he wins the fight, Carvalho stated that he’s unsure but would redirect it to for the benifits of Bitcoin.

“I’m not interested in exploiting it in any special way, even though it’s an extremely valuable domain. My main interest would definitely be in seeing it be the tool that everybody wishes it would be. You know, something that was for onboarding people and educating people about Bitcoin — the real Bitcoin.”

Ever since Roger Ver became the CEO of, the website has gained tons of criticism for pushing a BCH narrative which Carvalho wishes to change. Carvalho doesn’t want the Bitcoin community to be mislead any longer through Roger Ver’s, who’s making the entire website around Bitcoin Cash.

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Keith Wang

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