It is now possible to send Ripple (XRP) using Siri

A few days ago, an independent developer known on Twitter as xRpTo_O managed to develop an iOS implementation that allows users to send XRP with simple voice command through Siri.

View his tweet below:

From his tweet, you can do a bunch of things such as:

  • show XRP balance
  • send XRP to a contact within your phone’s database
  • set a specific amount of XRP
  • confirm or cancel tips

The app establishes a communication link between Siri and XRP TipBot making the app much more functional with every new release.

Apple’s involvement

Apple hasn’t stepped foot in the development of this app, but this was a growing request from the Ripple (XRP) community.

This isn’t the first time developers tried to make a voice command app for Ripple. One month ago, Nixer achieved a similar implementation in which he managed to integrate such service with Alexa.

Unfortunately, Nixer’s application was denied by Amazon.


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