Is TRON Doing Better Than Ethereum? Here Are Our Quick Thoughts

The performance of TRON seems to be improving since the launch of TRONbet. Ever since the launch, the number of its daily transactions also improved massively and even grew higher than that of Ethereum’s.

In October, TRONbet, made more than half a million individual transactions which surpasses Ethereum’s daily transaction volume.

This suggests that the TRONbet is performing better than Ethereum’s version IDEX. Currently, the volume of a daily transaction performed by TRON dApps, in general, is up by around 551,700 while the IDEX dApp on Ethereum records around 9,120.

Another thing to take note is that Tron dApps have recorded faster performance compared to Ethereum’s dApps. We believe that with more updates coming from Tron, this will only improve.

The daily active users on TRONbet are around 1,923 when Ethereum IDEZ has just under 950.

Tron has been able to increase the performance of its network by improving its Dapps products. Now it’s Tronbet performance has surpassed Ethereum IDEX by functionality and usage.

Of course, we’re still in the early stages and it can go either way, but from the stats and research, we can see that TRON is definitely looking to surpass Ethereum.

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