IOTA is giving away free money for their upcoming contest

IOTA announced it is now launching a new community contest named the Perfect Brainstorm. The IOTA contest aims to bring together the business-oriented, visionaries and brightest thinkers to seek out new use cases enabled on IOTA.

How does it work?

The winning contestant will receive $300 and will work with the IOTA Foundation on the use case idea they suggested. The 2nd prize winner will receive $200, and the 3rd prize winner will receive $100.

Those who finish in fourth or fifth will not get cash rewards but instead the top five ‘winners’ will be provided with an IOTA branded Ledger Nano S device.

What’s required?

For good submissions, there need to be a few things.

  1. How their idea solves a problem, a description of their market
  2. How IOTA can be utilized to solve the problem.

The size of each team is limited to just three people so IOTA will accept submissions until midnight on 14th December.

For those that are interested, they will have to submit PDFs which will include their use case proposals, diagrams and graphics.

The judges involved

Those who will oversee the contest will be three people from the IOTA Foundation and they will judge the submitted projects based on the quality, how realistic they are and how original they are. So if you have an idea that no one has thought of just yet then get involved and you might just win! A total of 40 points are set for the teams with each principle having ten points.

The judges will include the co-founders of IOTA Dominik Schiener and David Sontebo as well as IOTA advisor and the founder of Seedlab, Regine Hashka-Helmer. Those who win the best project will be announced on the 21st of December.

To apply:

Please use the following form to submit your use-case:

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