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IOTA Foundation Partners Up With Nova To Incubate Blockchain Startups

The company that responsible for the cryptocurrency Iota (MIOTA), The IOTA Foundation recently announced a partnership with startup incubator Nova to create a seed fund that’s aimed at entrepreneurs working on distributed ledger technologies.

This fresh collaboration has been said to provide funding for several new upcoming startups that make complete use of the IOTA platform. This entire project shall become a part of a program being run by the IOTA Foundation, dubbed the “IOTA Cofoundery”. According to information available from the official website of Nova, This program will do its best to address issues that currently surround the initial stages of a startup’s growth. They are also currently searching to get the proper seed funding for these startups.

According to the information provided by the website on this project its:

“Focusing on the very early stages of startup development, Nova’s IOTA cofoundery provides support for tech entrepreneurs with startup ideas, or early stage startups, that could utilise The Tangle – IOTA’s distributed ledger technology. IOTA’s ledger technology is being developed to power the future Internet of Things, enabling fast, feeless micro-transactions in a permissionless economy. The technology is currently being deployed within a range of industries, such as Digital Healthcare, Mobility, Global Trade and Supply chains, Energy, Smart Cities and Telecommunications, Media & Technologies.”

This program shall also allow these startups to gain access to the mentoring programs being offered by Nova and its team for tech startups. This team has been stated to include over more than twenty consultants who shall share their incredible expertise in technology with the startups who decide to join their program.

Nova has been the co-founder for over 80 technology startups till date, and over more than half of those remain active after only three years. Clearly showing Nova success with their mentorship program by having such a fantastic success rate for any startup the take under their wings.


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