Interview with Wendy O, Crypto News Host/Trader on upcoming crypto projects

Wendy O is a media marketing specialist and technical analyst expert. You can find Wendy’s evaluations on her Twitter and YouTube. In this interview Wendy discusses what she’s working on, as well as how the bear market has actually been

1. Hi Wendy, I know how busy you get, so thanks for giving your timely so freely. Let’s start by asking you what you do for fun.
I enjoy the beach, hiking traveling and pineapple pizza of course ��

2. Tell me what you’re working on at the moment.
Multiple things:
I’m advising for Rapids which is a P2P currency, we plan to expand and enter the e-sports and real estate world while continually building our community.
I work for Monetary Unit doing marketing and community growth for their e- commerce platform, which accepts crypto and fiat.
My YouTube channel focusing on presenting crypto news, education and basic TA unbiasedly. The show airs four times a week, and sometimes I throw in a project review or interesting interview.
I just launched my LLC which will focus on marketing and consulting for crypto projects transparently to aide in mass adoption.
Lastly, community is very important to me and I’m always hosting crypto meetups in Los Angeles and when I travel to conferences.

3.What’s the appeal of crypto? Why not stocks?
For some reason, I was able to understand crypto easier then stocks. I enjoy the volatility and the speed. Stocks move a lot slower and I live a busy life. Also, I believe that crypto will compete head to head with stocks in the future and I don’t
want to miss out.

4.What tips can you share on day trading?
I am generally not a day trader due to my busy schedule – I prefer swing trading which lasts over 2-3 weeks and give me time to watch my trade while focusing on growing my business and current positions with MUE and Rapids.

5. Which up and coming crypto projects excite you?

The projects that excite me the most are the companies I am directly involved with. There are a few others that involve healthcare on the blockchain and making crypto appealing to the masses – I like to keep those private for now.

6. Things in the crypto-space have been testing, to say the least, how do you keep your belief?
It most definitely has; a lot of people lost a lot of money – including myself. My heart goes out to those who feel at a loss right now, however I believe the bear market was necessary. No market stays bullish forever, we always correct. I believe this
market gave companies the opportunity to prove themselves and build. The solid companies will still be here while the legitimate scams will die. For consumers, this was our time to educate ourselves or find a different avenue to make income. Life is about perspective; my perspective is that we are all early in crypto and are each given an opportunity to decide our path – my journey consists of continual learning and growth while taking responsibility for my own actions.

7. Thanks for sharing your time Wendy, where can people find you?
No worries, happy to help out.
My Twitter is and
My YouTube is


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