Interview With Nick, Cryptocurrency Trader And His Thoughts On Day Trading The Crypto Market

This an interview with Nick Core who is a cryptocurrency trader and his thoughts on the growing crypto market.
1. Hey Nick! Thanks for taking the time to do this Q&A. Could you tell us a little bit about yourself and what you’ve been working on?
No problem, thank you. Lets see, I am in my thirties, I currently live in the Midwest and Florida, I have been in Bitcoin/crypto since 2012, around early 2013 it started to consume me as a full time job and really took off around late 2013/2014 for me. I am involved in various projects and companies crypto related and non crypto related. Currently I am admin in a few educational trading groups and I am in the process of launching a new group with a long list of prominent traders focused on the everyday individual who are completely new to crypto.
2. How did you get into crypto and what is your current view and thoughts on the future of crypto?
Originally, I planned on going into investment banking when I graduated. Life took over and it didn’t make sense to continue school. I day traded part-time and ran a business before I discovered Bitcoin, in 2012 I stumbled upon Bitcoin; I am a libertarian and a capitalist, so naturally I was attracted to the potential Bitcoin and Blockchain technology had to disrupt the current economic system.
As for the future, this is literally just the beginning of crypto, we are just barely beginning to see the foundation being laid for a worldwide adoption of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies. As individuals focus on the day to day price of their favorite coin, my obsession is seeing this technology/revolution become more and more integrated into our everyday lives.
3. How would you compare day trading crypto to day trading stocks? Why do you prefer crypto?
I love this question, I argue with traditional traders frequently about this. Trading cryptocurrencies is extremely focus intensive, it requires a lot of research, networking (for information not found on social media) and emotional discipline. Many traders see the insane gains being made in crypto and think they can come maneuver the same way they do in forex, in reality these markets are truly 24/7 and move at a faster pace than anything we have ever seen in the traditional finance world. Volatility hits and traditional traders jump right to the excuse that these markets are manipulated or its a bubble and its going to pop now. Honestly, it is just a different game than most traders are use to.
Many crypto traders believe that Wall ST. is now controlling the price action, when in truth, they are struggling to find their foothold in it. Yes they are in crypto now, but these markets are just as hard for them to maneuver at this point. I believe over time as the market matures and exchanges are regulated that narrative will begin to disappear and traders will begin to mature in their own views and realize trading education and strategy is where they lack. (Same goes for Wall ST. believe that or not)
4. Could you tell us a little bit about BitcoinMasons’ community and the vision behind it?
Bitcoin Masons is a group focused primarily on education and trading techniques. It is run by a group of traders and contributors that focus on one thing, being a community and not one centralized signals group.
5. How does Bitcoin Masons compare to other crypto communities out there?
Extremely active, it has a feed being updated all day with TA, multiple chat rooms and channels where members interact with mods and members. Bitcoin Masons does live Q and A’s and runs promotional events monthly that benefit its members.
6. What is this new group that you mentioned?
Same idea as BM but caters to the everyday individual that is not at all savvy with market activity or blockchain technology, it will be extremely focused on laying the foundation for individuals to be educated efficiently and understand this confusing world. I like to envision this group as a highly focused, educated group that will grow their personal knowledge and portfolio from nothing.
7. What are your favorite altcoins right now?
This is complex, as Bitcoin continues its current path we are seeing Alt’s suffer here and there. For this year though, I am watching and owning Monero, Stellar, Neo, Presearch, and Litecoin. I have a few targets on those and will sell when they transpire.
I day trade in and out of quite a few alts as the market conditions show profit opportunity though, some days those positions I close within minutes.
8. What’s one advice that you would give to someone that is looking to start trading cryptocurrency now?
Practice discipline, discipline, & discipline. Technical analysis comes secondary in my opinion. New traders can easily be profitable if they have bad technical analysis skills but practice good trading habits and risk management. Learning to control your emotions as a trader can be extremely beneficial. Also, immerse yourself in information. This world changes so fast. I learn something new every day. You can never stop absorbing information that will arm you to be a better trader.
Take it slow and watch for your mind to convince yourself that you know how to do something that you’ve never done. Leverage trading is one example, many traders see the alluring profits being made in leverage and think they can compete, when in reality more traders get liquidated than not. Practice at least a year before you ever open a leverage position.
Do not trade with emotion, learn to cut that out of your life when trading. I go completely flat when trading, cut out thoughts about money worries, loved ones, family issues, hype, social media, all of it. Emotion is the number one killer of profits.
9. Could you tell us your typical day in life?
Well, very few days are typical in this world. But what you don’t see on my Twitter and SnapChat is fairly normal. I wake up on my private island as my maid massages my feet while my two full time chefs cook me and my fiance breakfast in bed. I then fire up my private jet… Just kidding.
Pretty normal, I wake up, meditate, answer the never ending emails and messages, then do my personal analysis of trades for the day, I then go thru the various groups I am in and help where I can there. For the most part my day to day is fairly normal except for when I host a party/dinner on a yacht or go to the club on a rare occasion. That’s when my life becomes a bit abnormal, I do like to enjoy my profits that I’ve worked tediously for.
10. Do you participate in ICOs? If so, what do you look for in a company before participating in their ICO?
I do, just not as much as last year. Nowadays I will participate in ICO’s if I know the devs personally or have an interest in seeing the project succeed. But for the everyday individual, do your research & tons of it. The team, the technology, regulation, road map, all of it. Learn and understand it 100% before you put your hard earned money into it.
11. How can people contact you?
Here are the various platforms I use publicly:
Telegram: Crypto_Core (
Discord: Crypto_Core
Snapchat: crypto_core
Instagram: nick_crypto_core

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