Interview With “@Bitcoin_Dad”, Cryptocurrency trader, on trading with a full time job and kids

Bitcoin Dad is a cryptocurrency trader. You can find him tweeting about trading strategies and more on Twitter @Bitcoin_dad

1. Hey Bitcoin dad, could you tell everyone a little bit about yourself and what you’ve been working on?  
I consider myself one of the older guys in Crypto turning 40 this year, but its great to see these younger guys and the work they put in. Ive been around since November of 2013. Bought the top of that all time high at $1,000 and bought down to $300. Thats when I found out about alt coins. Not really working on anything project wise crypto related just trading.
2. What’s the story behind the alias “Bitcoin Dad”?
Initially started with a personal account for crypto, at the time everyone was doing the themed crypto handle so since I am a Dad it was a no brainer to create Bitcoin Dad.
3. Were you trading stocks before crypto? Why the move to crypto?
I have always been interested in trading, played penny stocks back in the early 2000’s but nothing major. When I heard about crypto I was intrigued and with the trading I was hooked.
4. Do you think we’re in a bitcoin bubble similar to the dot com days?
I dont think so. There is still a lot of adoption to be had, even in real life just now people are starting to ask me about Crypto.  Bitcoin has attracted bigger investors and now we see news coverage on a daily basis, in the big picture we still has a lot of growth potential.
5. What’s a typical day in life for you?
I still do work full time so getting kids up and off to school. Then into the office and during breaks and or lunch Ill catch up with crypto. Out of work to get kids from school, at that time once home I can dedicate some time to sit in front of a computer and put in some crypto work.  Throw in some sports for the kids, practice and games defiantly makes for a busy day but I love it.
6. What’s one of the biggest mistakes newer traders make when it comes to trading crypto?
Getting rich overnight. You need patience or else your will get rekt over trading or over leveraging your positions.  Accumulate and HODL is the best way to profit, dont all in one position and be diverse.
7. What are some of your favorite cryptocurrencies?
I focus mainly on the small to mid cap coins. Investfeed IFT, Expanse EXP, SHIFT, Black Coin BLK. Recently focusing on coins that are mineable as I feel the ICO markets are pretty played out.
8. How long do you usually hold onto a coin for?
It depends but usually 6 months to over a year.
9. Any courses or books that you recommend on trading crypto?
I usually dont plug “paid groups” but there are some I know and have been a part of at one point or another. Crypto Picasso has a great course and would be one I trust with his knowledge and guidance.  I believe DJ Thistle still has an educational course also which I would recommend.
10. What’s the best way for people to contact you?
My direct messages are open on twitter, I try to respond to most of them, it does get pretty overwhelming but is the best place to contact me.


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