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Interview with Alicia Ferratusco, Co-founder of Starfish Network, on building a co-working space for blockchain companies

In this quick interview, I had to chance to speak with Alicia Ferratusco, who is the co-founder and growth manager at Starfish Network in SF. Starfish Network is an organization dedicated to supporting the blockchain community by creating dedicated spaces and learning opportunities. The organization’s mission is to inspire collaboration, promote education and strengthen unity among those who seek to improve the world using blockchain and decentralized web technologies. Starfish opened its 6000sqft flagship coworking and community location “Starfish Mission” in April 2018 in the SoMa neighborhood of San Francisco, at 1535 Mission Street.

1. Thanks for doing this Q&A Alicia! Could you tell everyone what you’ve been working on and how you got into blockchain?

I’ve been working on growing Starfish Network. We are an organization that helps blockchain founders and builders to grow. We do this by setting up physical spaces for the community to connect and we provide resources and the social infrastructure to accelerate the ecosystem.

2. There’s a lot of co-working spaces out there, but there’s barely any that I can think of that caters to people in blockchain. Why did you decide to work on a co-working space in this industry?

There was a need in the community to have a space to connect, learn and grow together. The community around the Bay Area was extremely dispersed. In order for industries to grow and mature, there need to be anchor points.

3. What are some blockchain companies that are currently using the space?

Nervos,,, Secureware, Chainpartners, Muzeek, EOS SF, Infinitybloc, ChallengeCoach, Orbs, and many others.

4. Right now we’re in a bear market for cryptocurrency, why do you think that is?

ICOs are a great concept, in principle, but they weren’t done right in 2017. There was a mass hype fueled by irrationality and greed, which lead to a bubble, and then that bubble burst. Now the markets are back to a somewhat sane state. Valuations need to reflect actual value, whether its utility value or equity value.

5. What would you say is the biggest thing that’s stopping the mass adoption of Bitcoin?

Bitcoin was always meant to be a store of value.

6. It seems like that a lot of the events hosted at Starfish are for more experienced blockchain folks. Will Starfish be hosting more newbie friendly events in the near future?

We host some intro workshops through the SF Ethereum Meetup groups, and in collaboration with Oakland Blockchain Devs. There are lots of events with a more general focus out there, in fact, I feel that there are too many. We work to provide what’s missing – deep insights into specific fields within the industry, analysis, data, and discussions about the future.

7. What’s something amazing about Starfish that stands out versus other co-working spaces?

It‘s a community space, not a real estate play. Community comes first.

8. I noticed that Starfish is apart of the Catalyst network. Could you tell us what that is about?

We formed a network together with other blockchain coworking spaces and our members share member benefits with their spaces.

9. How are you guys getting the word out for Starfish right now?

People usually hear about us through attending one of the 20+ events we host in a month.

10. Thanks for doing the Q&A. Could you tell everyone how they could contact you?

They can email me at, or reach out to the Starfish Bay Area telegram group –

Or find me at Starfish –

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