Interview With Ryan Fee, Co-Founder of CoinCentral and Professional Poker Player

Ryan Fee is the co-founder of and Upswing Poker.
1. Hey Ryan, thanks for doing this Q&A! Could you tell us a little bit about yourself and how you got into cryptocurrencies?
Hey Wilson! Glad to be here. I’m a professional poker player and founder of Coincentral. I started off my career as a poker player because I grew up playing a lot of games, so it naturally came through to me that I’m a competitive gamer. I played a lot of Warcraft growing up and now I’m focused on running Coincentral and poker.
2. How are you juggling between poker and Coincentral right now?
As of now, I spend most of my time on Coincentral, but Upswing Poker is still a full time business and we’re still releasing content every month, actually everyday. I’m still an active player and spend most of my time in the card room, but I’m focused on Coincentral now.
3. I love the content on Coincentral, what motivated you to start it?
We come from content backgrounds ourselves with Upswing Poker, so producing high-quality content has always been on the top of our list. I was super interested in the crypto market early on, so with Coincentral, it was a no-brainer to get started with something in this space as soon as possible.
4. Doug, who’s also another famous poker player is a good friend and co-founder of Coincentral. How did you two connect?
Doug and I met back in high school and we played a lot of Warcraft 3 together. We were both the top 20 on the ladder and connected through a famous poker forum called two plus two. We chatted through AIM back in the days and kind of became best bros after that. We collaborated on multiple projects and the rest is history from there.
5. What do you think is the future of cryptocurrency? 
I think cryptocurrencies will be very big in the future. With all these ICO projects going on and billions of dollars being thrown at it. I think it’ll be a big part of life in the near future especially with decentralized platforms.
6. What are some future goals for Coincentral?
Our goal is to be the most high authority content news organization out there for cryptocurrency. It’s really just to create a lot of great content and build a strong social following. Our point of our business is to work on something we’re passionate about and deliver excellent value to our audience.
7. What’s a typical day in life for you?
I tend to wake up a little later in the day, do a little journaling, and jump in a cold pool. Then I usually work till around 5-7 and hit the gym, get in the sauna, and call it a day. It depends on the day.
8. A lot of poker players are getting into crypto as well. How do you think those two relate?
I think a lot of poker players love taking risk and crypto is a risky market. Most poker players are seeing a lot of potential in the crypto market and want to diversify their investments because poker isn’t always stable.
10. As of now, what are your top three favorite altcoins?
I’m a huge fan of Monero and was actually just at one of their conferences. I love the value of privacy coins and see a lot of different values in it. I also like steem and the amount of content there is out there for that.
10. Thanks for doing this Q&A! How can people contact you to connect with you?
The best way would be through Twitter or
Thanks Wilson for doing this!

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