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Interview With Hari: Founder and CEO of ACrypto on Cryptocurrencies, Altcoins, and More!

1.Hey Hari, thanks for doing this interview. Can you tell us about yourself and what you’re working on?

Hi. I’m a computer science graduate from India. I have been a developer, an engineering manager, a product manager, an entrepreneur, a designer, and a growth hacker for the last eight years.


I’m currently working on ACrypto, an all-in-one cryptocurrency tool for traders. It enables users to keep track of all their cryptocurrencies, set alerts for their preferred prices, find arbitrage opportunities, maintains crypto portfolios from multiple exchanges in one place, and read the latest news from the cryptoworld.


  1. How did you get into the crypto space?

One of my friends introduced me to Bitcoin and cryptocurrency and i was really fascinated by it. Read about it and understood the investment opportunities. I have never invested till then and thought this might be the right time and also it was easily accessible. It just dipped to $1000 and was increasing, i thought i will wait for it to dip again, so waiting a week, it was $1100. Then i thought it will dip this week, so waited and what is see its now $1200. I thought, that’s it now it has come down for sure and i waited another week and it was $1400. I thought thats it, no more waiting and decided to invest and finally, when i got my money into the exchange it was $1500 and i bought 1 BTC then. I think that was the best investment i ever made.


  1. What’s the story and goal behind Acrypto?

I have been working in a 9 to 5 job for the last 8 years and have tried to work on 2 startups of my own and failed. After i started investing,i started realising how hard it it to check price charts, list of coins, trading different coins in different exchanges. If you have ever invested you would know this. I thought why don’t i fix this and after another week i made an app which fixed these and then i realized that others were having the same problem. So i released this on playstore and then there was no looking back.


  1. What’s one of the biggest obstacle that you came across when building Acrypto?

For the iPhone app I had to learn Swift and iOS. One of the biggest pains was mastering auto layouts in XCode, but I managed to do it all and release it in 35 days sharp. Yes, I was surprised myself. It’s now experiencing a 70% growth rate. I’m very happy and proud of it. I learned something new and also enjoyed it thoroughly.
In terms of retention, a few things that I did and learned:

  • You need to continually (and indefinitely) touch base with your users. It doesn’t matter what type of product you have or in which space you are operating.
  • Make sure your app is crash-free. This is a rule of thumb for retention. ACrypto has a 99.67% crash-free rate, and I can attribute the majority of ACrypto’s retention to this.
  • Notifications are like fuel for any app to succeed. This is another feature which can make or break your app based on how you play with it. I used notifications to mitigate problems, like informing users upfront about upcoming downtime, critical bugs, etc. So notifications also helped me come a long way in terms of retaining users.


  1. How does ACrypto make money right now?

ACrypto business model is subscription model. All the features of ACrypto are free, but few of them like Alerts, Portfolio and Arbitrage, have free quota. If user wants unlimited access to these features, he would have to subscribe. This is a very small part of total users but they are essentially who keep ACrypto alive. I’m very happy that people believe in acrypto and continually support it.


  1. What are some of the biggest growth hacks that you’ve been using to grow Acrypto?

These are some of the things i did which helped ACrypto.

  • Nailed down the ASO (SEO for apps). This is one of the hardest parts, and it can easily increase your downloads exponentially or break you down completely. Make sure you get this one right. I made an initial draft of the features, then got all the my competitors descriptions, extracted keywords. Then I used Apptimizer to get more keywords and restructured my app description to fit these keywords. It’s a tedious job, but the fruits of completion are worth it.
  • Got the app icon right. Yes, that’s right — this is the second most important thing after the description. I have been a hands-on designer from the beginning, which helped me a lot. I took feedback from my designer friends and that’s it.


  1. Do you invest in cryptocurrencies yourself? What are your most favorite coins?

Yes, i have been investing in cryptocurrencies from last year.

I believe Bitcoin, is like the gold and even though its people dont use it for its original purpose of value exchange, it has become something similar to gold now. Similarly, Litecoin is the silver and I believe this will take over BTC as the value exchange currency. I think Ethereum is the first platform for cryptocurrency and will make it huge in coming years.


  1. If someone wanted to get into crypto investing now, what would be your ultimate advice for them?

I have made a plan and have stick to it. Using this plan i have made more money in last 6 months compared to what i made in last 8 years. My plan is very simple

  1. Never sell
  2. Always buy during dips
  3. Invest in different category of coins


  1. I really love Acrypto, especially the UX/UI, but there are a lot of similar apps out there. How do you stand out?

Yes there are so many apps now from the time i had released ACrypto and they have been almost have similar features. I still think there are so many problems that needs to be solved. One of that is if you are a trader you are to open multiple website, login and set open orders. I think solving this problem from one single app is the way to do it.


  1. Are you working on more apps in the crypto space? If so, what are they?

I’m not working on new apps as of now, but i’m working on making ACrypto an All-in-One cryptocurrency tool for traders. I’m currently working on building automatic import of portfolio from Exchanges.


  1. How can people reach or contact you?

People can reach out to me on Twitter –


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