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Interview With Benjamin Tossell, Co-founder of TokenDaily

1. Hey Ben, Thanks for doing this Q&A! Can you tell us about yourself and what you’re working on?
Hey no worries! I’m Ben, I used to run community at Product Hunt and we were acquired by AngelList. I had a passion for side-projects but I don’t know how to code. So I often piggyback off other awesome tools to enable me to hack things together 🙂
2. How did you get into the crypto space?
I heard about Bitcoin around 2013 and tried to buy £50 of it on eToro or something. (I think it was likely I actually wasnt buying bitcoin). Then after being acquired by Angel List and getting to hear Naval talk about crypto in-person just sparked my interest so I started looking into it more and more. I’d seen many projects launch on Product Hunt (probably around 80k+!!!) and always saw a few interesting crypto projects. I wanted a piece of that. So I build a simple CyptoBot for Facebook messenger to pull in latest news, ICOs etc.
3. What’s the story and goal behind Token Daily?
Erik had been working on On Deck Daily (Venture news site) which I thought was interesting. I’d been thinking about crypto projects and what I could get involved in and when we spoke, the idea of Token Daily was super interesting.
The goal is to provide a platform for users to discover the new, interesting updates in crypto. Whether that is a project you want to invest in, have invested in or are just curious about.
4. What’s one of the biggest obstacle that you came across when building Token Daily?
Time. We have a very small team right now, with big goals, big plans, lots to build, remote schedules etc. It’s difficult so I’ve been working on perfecting a product process that helps make things much more efficient (thats the idea anyway!)
5. How does Token Daily make money right now? If it’s not making any money, what are the monetization goals for the future?
We don’t make money right now. Our focus is on providing the core product value and stickiness. We have loads of potential avenues to explore so we will see! We don’t want to push things.
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6. Token Daily reminds me of a project that Matt Schlicht put together in the past where people could upvote on post and discussion for bitcoins. How is that different from that platform?
Honestly I’m not sure I know of that project 🙂 I know Matt though from the Bot-world! The site you see right now for TD is literally scratching the surface. Lots of new things are being released very shortly but this was just the bare-bones MVP to get out there.
7. Do you invest in cryptocurrencies yourself? What are your most favorite coins?
Yeah I dabble a bit, nothing too drastic right now. I’m more interested in the interesting projects and how people are tackling the open community feel of a crypto project. So because of that I love teams like Aragon and 0x.
8. If someone wanted to get into crypto investing now, what would be your ultimate advice for them?
Small amounts. Ask questions. just get stuck in and read on whatever platforms suit you. Dont join telegram groups if you have them like I do.
9. How big is the Token Daily team now and how can people that are interested help out?
We are a team of 4 right now. We are always looking for interested people who are looking to build/design in this space. We run a ‘Token Daily Nodes’ program right now which is how our community can get involved and help us on our mission.
10. If you were to start Token Daily from scratch again, what would be something that you do differently?
Nothing right now. We are only around a month or so in and we started from scratch. I want things to move faster but you can’t rush things all the time.
11. How can people reach or contact you?
Twitter is the best @bentossell 🙂

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