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Indian Crypto Exchange ZebPay Expands Into 43 European Countries

A trading platform from India, Zebpay, has recently announced the grand opening of its branches for up to five European countries, making its services available for a total of 43 countries in Europe.

Crypto exchange Zebpay originally launched their operations during 2015 and rapidly climbed the ladder to success, by becoming one of India’s leading crypto exchange platforms. Although, during the fall of 2018, the Reserve Bank of India issued a decree banning the country’s banking institutions from servicing the accounts of various crypt companies. This decision lead to Zebpay having to suspend their activities and relocate their business to Malta.

As of December 2018, the crypto exchange successfully entered into the European market and quickly garnered the needed popularity to explode. At this current moment, the crypto exchange will be able to service traders based in Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Romania, Spain, and Slovakia.

Currently, the exchange is seeking to expand their services to the United States and develop a close connection with traders and crypto enthusiasts, according to the CEO of Zebpay, Ajeet Khurana. Khurana further added that Zebpay has successfully gained millions of clients, enter its operation into most of Europe countries, and become available in other continents of the world.

In order to further entice their currently existing clients and attract even new customers, the platform recently announced a trading competition, which began during Feb 1st. The exchange will choose over 50 random users, each of them will then gain over 1,000 euros in their account. After a month, they will trade using the support of platform specialists during each part of the competition. The top ten best customers will be allowed to keep said 1,000 euros on their accounts. The remaining traders, who avoided any losses, will have over 100 euros on their accounts left in their accounts.

Our Thoughts

Zebpay is one of many ongoing exchanges that continues to pave they path for exchanges to grow in markets all over the world. Even with the banks denying their services in their home country, moving to Malta seems to have benefited them even more by allowing them a chance to enter into the European Markets.

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