Huobi Pro Exchange Review : Is It A Reliable Crypto Exchange?

Not too long ago, China-based bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange firm, Huobi launched Huobi pro. It was made to function as a blockchain asset only trading platform. Even though the website is a fiat to blockchain strength trading platform, was designed to fulfill cryptocurrency trader’s requirement for diversified digital assets and more. The goal was to add more features to the existing Huobi and to allow non-Chinese traders to trade cryptocurrencies.

Main features of Huobi Pro

  • Lower cost when trading cryptocurrencies
  • Superior arbitrage opportunity. Arbitrage lessens the cost of funding, increases fund usage efficiency and shortens transaction time
  • Chances to capitalize and trade in virtual resources
  • Professional Security – According to Huobi, the huge majority of customer assets that are digital are saved in a multi-signature cold wallet.
  • Privacy Protection – Offers privacy protection that is reliable through full features of digital assets.

Customer Support

Huobi Pro offers 24/7 customer support through phone, social media, email, and chat. You could also contact them using their help desk widget on their home page.

Trading platform

Huobi’s solution to the trading platform issue seems like one of the best ones in the cryptocurrency space, from a trader’s perspective. Charting is provided by TradingView, which is always a solid option. The rest of the platform is also aligned in an intuitive way. Here is a snapshot of the trading platform below:


It’s an extremely robust platform that allows you to take day trading to another level with volume charts and more. It’s quite easy to use and most stock traders are comfortable and familiar with the layout.

Huobi Token

Huobi Token (HT), the new issuance is set to start on Jan. 23 with a capped supply of 500 million. According to the announcement, 300 million HT (60 percent) will be issued to users over a course of 15 days, while reserving the remaining 40 percent for platform operation, team incentives and user rewards.

Huobi said the token launch “is not an initial coin offering (ICO).” Instead, the 300 million HT will be given to users who purchase a service fee package at a discount on Huobi Pro using tether (USDT) – a crypto token pegged to the U.S. dollar. Other cryptocurrencies that can also facilitate the purchase include bitcoin, bitcoin cash, ethereum, litecoin and ethereum classic.

While details of the packages are yet to be revealed, the company said there will be a maximum limit for each user’s purchase and the minimum order will be 100 HT.

HT will also be available for trading as the company’s exchange platform will offer USDT, BTC or ETH trading pairs with the token. Addressing potential concerns over price volatility, Huobi will buy back HT based on its market price every quarter with 20 percent of its net profit during the same period.


Huobi may have taken a hit following China’s crypto exchange ban, but they are definitely still rocking and rolling. There’s no shortage of new perks and features at the operation either.

Through this network, developers can store their DAPP data and they can develop smart contracts.

With trading fees set squarely to 0.2%, Huobi is an attractive destination in this regard as well. The powerful trading platform, combined with the overwhelmingly positive user feedback makes this exchange one to keep an eye on.

In addition to all the above, Huobi have considered the introduction of peer-to-peer trading in fiat currencies, that would allow Chinese citizens to keep purchasing cryptos for Yuan, thus essentially defeating the government’s ban on the vertical.

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