Huawei officially launches its blockchain services globally

Huawei’s not slowing down as a company. Recently Huawei announced that they will be launching their blockchain services globally.

According to the company, BCS (Blockchain Cloud Services) could capitalize on the advantages of Huawei Cloud’s container and security technologies, among others. Some of the areas where it could be universally applicable include the Internet of Things (IoT), finance, data applications, among others.

What can the blockchain service be used for?

The scenarios it can be used in cover data transactions, identity authentication, proof of information (such as real estate and education), remote healthcare, food source tracing, the Internet of Vehicles (IoV), and IoT device management.

It offers substantial assistance for establishing a technological ecosystem and digitally transforming industries.

According to their website, the professional edition is free until the end of this calendar year (December 31, 2018). The basic version of the product will remain free forever.

Huawei’s official cloud website states that BCS “Enables efficient exchange of digital assets and prevents in-chain falsifications with such automated transaction capabilities as asset ownership confirmation and accounting reconciliation.”

Our thoughts

Huawei is not new at all to the blockchain scene. In April this year, the telecom giant Huawei unveiled a blockchain-as-a-service (BaaS) platform. Before that, Huawei divulged their launch of a blockchain-based smartphone, and in May, the company also announced to release’s Bitcoin wallet in its app store.

The company does a good job when it comes to keeping up with the latest trends.

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