HTC’s new blockchain phone is officially ready to accept orders

HTC, the smart mobile device technology provider today announced that its first phone of the Exodus project, the EXODUS 1, will be available to purchase with cryptocurrencies.

The early access version of the HTC EXODUS 1 can now be purchased using bitcoin, ether, or litecoin.

Litecoin’s creator Charlie Lee will also be joining the HTC Exodus team as a consultant. The first day of shipment for these phones will be on December 5th.

More about the phone

HTC Exodus 1 is powered through their Android system. The phone is capable of storing user crypto keys with utmost security.

Of course all blockchain products claim that their security is top notch, but at the end of the day there are still risks involved when it comes to security.

The phone comes with a “built-in” wallet. With this unique combination, users who own the phone will also own all their private keys.

“I’m happy that the much awaited HTC ‘EXODUS 1’ can now be purchased with Litecoin. Ever since cryptocurrency was created, my vision for Litecoin was always to increase the distribution of the currency and use it a foundation for secure transactions worldwide. With the Exodus 1, project HTC is expanding crypto technology to the mobile phone and doing so in a way that protects user’s information and wallets.” – Litecoin creator Charlie Lee

Our thoughts

It seems like HTC has strong and broad goals for the future of blockchain. I do see companies like Apple catching up with this in the long run and having their own native blockchain wallets within the iPhone, but this is a good start for the blockchain community.


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