Holberton School New Haven receives $10,000 in Bitcoin donations from co-founder of Scroll Network

Holberton School in New Haven, whose two-year higher education program aims to “drive the digital transformation revolution,” received a large cryptocurrency donation. On Monday it was announced that the cofounder of software suite the Scroll Network, Nathan Pitruzzello, donated $10,000 worth of digital currency to the Connecticut school that’s known for recording academic certificates on the BTC chain.

What’s the connection between Holberton School and blockchain?

Holberton School offers a two-year program training software engineers. Their graduates from the school now work with blockchain startups and big-name tech giants like Tesla, NASA, and Apple.

What’s unique about this school and its involvement in blockchain is that Holberton school was one of the first schools to deliver academic certificates that are secured and accessible via the BTC blockchain.

Around three years ago, on Oct. 21, 2015, the New Haven software engineer program announced it was recording the certificates in order to “tackle the threats of false resumes and fake certificates.” “By having students’ certificates available in a public blockchain, Holberton School makes it easier for employers to check if a candidate is truly a graduate from the school.

Why did Nathan donate?

“I am committed to helping students build their startups and careers as a way of giving back to those that helped me get started,” said Nathan Pitruzzello. “Holberton’s approach to providing cutting-edge software engineering training to people from different backgrounds, including entrepreneurs like myself, as well as those from disadvantaged backgrounds, has resonated with me from day one — I am very excited that this education model is launching next door to us right here in New Haven,” the Scroll Network founder added.

Holberton isn’t the first school to issue certificates on the blockchain. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Boston also uses the BTC chain to record academic certificates through a program called Blockcerts launched in 2016.


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