Here are the different ways you could pay your bills with Bitcoin

Maybe you’re one of those people who made a good amount of money in the recent year through Bitcoin. Now you hold a good amount of Bitcoin and was wondering how you could pay your bills with it?

Well, we got good news for you! This is possible and we also believe that it will be even easier to pay your bills in the future with Bitcoin and cryptocurrency.

For those that are wondering how to spend your money online with Bitcoin, you can check out our other post on “Retailers that accept Bitcoin Online.”

Paying your bills with Bitcoin

In order to pay your bills with Bitcoin, you will first need to determine your current location. If you live in Australia, you can access Living Room of Satoshi, the most comprehensive platform to date for cryptocurrency payments.

You can pay your bills with Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Bitcore, Monero, Ethereum Classic, PIVX, Zcash, Steem and Dogecoin.

Living Room of Satoshi allows users to pay any bill including rent, credit cards, phone bills, electricity bills, school fees, and tax payments, by converting the cryptocurrency of their choice to AUD.

Yep, this includes tax payments, but this is only for AUD.

You may refer to the graph below on the different items that people use their Bitcoin to pay for on the platform.

From the graph, we can see that most people tend to pay their credit card bills using Bitcoin on the platform.


What if I’m in USA?

Yep, most of our readers are from USA. For US users, Welto integrated with Coinbase back in 2017. Welto is a complete cryptocurrency bill paying system.

The last system that integrated with Coinbase which showed similar promise was Mexico’s Pademobile, which is no longer trending like it was when they first launched.

Welto’s platform will allow users to spend their cryptocurrency on real goods and services wherever they want. They recently updated their app earlier this year.

The service started in the US in 2017, and the developers are planning to extend their services worldwide, allowing users to pay their bills directly with Bitcoin, Litecoin, Zencash, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic and Crown with a bill limit of $300 and a flat commission of 2%

One of the reasons why there’s a bill limit is because the USA is a highly regulated place especially in the cryptocurrency market, therefore the company needs to follow the correct compliance.

Since the IRS seized Coinbase customer account records in 2017 in an effort to identify customers who had invested at least $20,000, any Bitcoin transaction, including payment for a phone bill, is subject to capital gains tax. Yeah it sucks 🙁

Bitcoin debit card

This is another method that you can use to pay your bills using your Bitcoin holdings. Bitcoin debit cards can function in a couple of different ways but most utilize a protocol that converts your crypto into fiat currency the moment you swipe your card.

You will pay a small processing fee for the transaction but with most cards, it is far less than what Coinbase would charge you when sending money.

Since the merchant is only receiving fiat currency, you can use your crypto debit card at any retailers that accept credit cards such as Visa. This makes crypto debit cards perfectly suited for paying your bills. You can even sign your card up for automatic bill payments just like a traditional credit or debit card.

We won’t be going into details on which credit/debit card is best for Bitcoin, but running a quick search online should get you some results.


Bitwala, calls themselves “Blockchain Banking”. Bitwala is your bridge to the crypto economy. Buy and sell cryptocurrencies directly from your bank account.

The company was shut down before due to regulation issues, but seems to be up and functioning (2018). The company offers a “crypto debit card”. The contactless Bitwala debit card is the perfect companion to your bank account. Instantly exchange your cryptocurrency balance into Euro and spend in store, online, or withdraw your funds at any ATM worldwide.

Within their platform, you’re able to pay your bills. From utility bills to your music subscription, you will be able to easily set up automatic payments for service subscriptions that you regularly use from your bank account. Super straightforward, super convenient.

You can do everything a regular bank will allow you to do such as online banking, getting your paycheck, writing checks and more.

Moving on..

There aren’t that many solutions out there for paying your bills using Bitcoin. Honestly, the best way might be to turn your Bitcoin holdings into fiat currency and then pay your bills using fiat currency.

The crypto billing space has had many players come ago, including Netherlands’ Bas Nederland, which was the first European utility company to accept bitcoins directly.

Although new platforms attempting to integrate cryptocurrencies with bill payments are exposing more users to the possibility of making such payments, regulations and taxation on Bitcoin will ultimately determine how and when these payment options will be embraced for everyday transactions.

One of the biggest holdbacks for companies developing these solutions is due to the fact that the space is highly regulated, especially in the USA.



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