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Hackers Use PUBG to Steal $2.47 Million From Turkish Crypto Firm

A group of hackers from Turkey have recently been detained by local authorities after suspicion of hacking a Turkish cryptocurrency company. The ones behind this security breach are thought to have used the famously known video game PUBG to communicate and coordinate their attack.

The crypto firm reported that over $2.47 million worth of crypto was taken from them during the hack. Some of this figure was recovered during the raids following the arrest of those who committed this crime.

Criminals hackers have been on the prowl as of late and setting their sites on cryptocurrency exchanges even more than usual. According to information provided by the local news outlet DailySabah, this latest example of a company falling victim to such an attack is that of an Instanbul-based cryptocurrency firm. The company name is currently being kept out of the news for the time being.

Run Down

The new outlet states that over 24 people have been detained during the nationwide search across eight of Turkey’s provinces. The suspected hackers were arrested on the suspicion of their involvement in the $2.47 million crypto heist.

Authorities originally became aware of this recent hack by the company itself. In the initial report, it says that a large amount of Bitcoin, Ether, and XRP was stolen. The Istanbul Cybercrime Branch Officer did confirm that two of the firm’s wallets were compromised to the tune of 13 million Lira ($2.47 million). These funds were sent from the company wallets to those owned by cybercriminals. A joint operation was conducted all over the provinces of Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Afyonkarahisar, Bursa, Edirne, Bolue and Antalya, leading to the arrests.

The aftermath of these raids leads to the discovery of over 54,000 lire in cash and 1.3 million lire worth of cryptocurrency. These funds were then seized and returned to the company’s wallets.

What makes this case quite unique compared to others in the past is the group’s method of communication to conduct this hack attack. The police have stated that these suspects had been communicating through the popular battle royal video game Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG).

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