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Hackers Demand Bitcoin Ransom For Classified Documents on 9/11

A hacking group by the name of ‘The Dark Overlord’ has recently obtained classified documents related to the 9/11 attack and is ransoming the information for Bitcoins. If the group doesn’t receive the large sum of Bitcoins, they plan to release the documents to the public.


The group is claiming to have obtained over 18,000 secret documents and if they do release them, the US deep state will experience some harsh consequences. The Dark Overlord is claiming that it managed to hack several insurance companies, law firms, and government agencies and successfully accessed confidential information which revealed the truth behind the 9/11/2001 terrorist attack.

A spokesperson for Hiscox Group has confirmed the hacking, stating that the hackers manage to gain access to some confidential files of a firm which were related to the terrorist attack. The Dark Overlord group is threatening the firm to pay an unspecified amount in Bitcoin.

The group has released a compensation plan in which the public will be capable of unlocking these documents with enough Bitcoins. Unfortunately, they seem to have been successful, as they manage to receive over more than $12,000 in bitcoin and released the first layer of documents to the public. According to the group, this was enough for them to unlock the first layer of the document. Currently, the first layer of documents is available for public reading.

The hacking group has divided the documents into four layers, each of these layers contain damaging secrets. The Dark Overlord has threatened to release even more layers of documents unless the ransom is paid. These hackers are demanding up to $2 million in Bitcoin worth for public release of the papers. Here how the pricing scheme is for each layer of the document:

  1. Layer_1.container – 5,000 USD of BTC (All Layer 1 Documents)
  2. Layer_2.container – 50,000 USD of BTC (All Layer 2 Documents)
  3. Layer_3.container – 100,000 USD of BTC (All Layer 2 Documents)
  4. Layer_4.container – 1,000,000 USD of BTC (All Layer 4 Documents)
  5. Layer_5.container – 2,000,000 USD of BTC (All Layer 5 Documents)

While their account on twitter has been suspended, the hackers have moved their operations onto a blockchain-based social media platform, Steemit.

Even so, the hackers have admitted that they could care less about the truth and they are doing this only for the money. The group has gone off to say,

Consider our motivations (money, specifically Bitcoin), we’re not inclined to leak the juiciest items until we’re paid in full. However, in the interest of public awareness and transparency, we’re officially announcing our tiered compensation plan. Below, we’ll announce the required cost to release each layer of damaging documents that are filled with new truths, never before seen.

Our thoughts

Even with 2019 just starting, malicious hacking groups are still on the prowl to steal and make as much money as they can. The scheme could be quite successful for the group due to how many people are still interested in the truth behind the 9/11 terror attacks. The question is will they receive the ransom payment from the insurance companies or will the public out bet them soon enough?

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