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Formula 1’s Aston Martin Red Bull announces a new cryptocurrency partnership

Formula 1 race team, Aston Martin Red Bull have recently announced a new partnership with FuturoCoin who will be sponsoring the Red Bull Formula 1 team for the 2019 race season. This is a very exciting move for the crypto industry given that Formula 1 is one of the most popular motorsports in the world. Formula 1 is extremely popular in the United States, but viewership expands across the entire globe.

In 2016, the Formula 1 season was watched by 390 million viewers, so we can bet that quite a few people are going to be made aware of FuturoCoin as a result of this new sponsorship deal. Perhaps we’ll see 390 million new people invest in Bitcoin as a result of this?

More on the cryptocurrency partnership

According to The Checkered Flag, Christian Horner the Team Principal at Red Bull is very excited about the new sponsorship deal because he himself is super keen on the future of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

In recent years, the rise of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies has been truly remarkable, and the team is delighted to be the first Formula One team to embrace this, through our partnership with FuturoCoin. Secure digital currencies are on the leading edge of technological development and Red Bull is very excited to be part of this revolution.

Roman, the CEO of FuturoCoin, believes that cryptocurrencies and Formula One are very similar and their values are much alike; speed, technology and being ahead of their time. Roman claims that he is a huge fan of motorsport and F1 has always intrigued me. The sponsorship is an exciting new chapter for their company and will be a global platform for the company to drive awareness of FuturoCoin.

Paulina Woźniak, the CEO of FuturoCoin’s management company has also added:

“We are very proud that FuturoCoin will be the first cryptocurrency in the world to appear on a Formula One car. In addition, we are looking forward to working alongside Aston Martin Red Bull Racing, a prestigious brand that is recognised across the world.”

Red bull has been known to be early adopters when it comes to sponsorship and partnerships. Red bull was one of the first to start sponsoring professional esports many years back when it was still in its very early stages.


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