Former Microsoft CMO joins Cryptopia, sees massive growth

Cryptopia, one of the well known cryptocurrency exchanges, has released figures indicating that it experienced a solid growth surge, followed by the announcement of hiring the previous Microsoft CMO.

Since December 2017, Cryptopia has increased its user base around the world by 116 percent.

Who joined up?

Raj Wadhera, the former Microsoft CMO joined up with Cryptopia. Wadhera is a strong addition to the team at Cryptopia with over 20 years of experience in marketing working for Microsoft in New Zealand.

What did they do?

In the last nine months, Cryptopia has also boosted its headcount by an even more impressive 389 percent and now has 90 employees. In addition to these figures, Cryptopia has made other improvements associated with its accelerated growth. These include improvements to customer support processes, enhanced service deliveries, faster response times, and a refreshed website.

Our thoughts

Even though it seems like not much has been implemented, it’s all the small improvements that they make that matters. Such as customer support, faster response time, a new site layout and more.


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