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Flappy Bird Receives a Crypto Reboot Thanks to The EOS Blockchain

One of the biggest games to ever hit the iOS store, Flappy Bird is making a grand comeback of sorts thanks to the EOS blockchain. A clone of the game that captivated millions of video game enthusiasts around the world during January 2014 will become free to play on EOS.

Flappy Bird

According to the information provided by Trybe, interested players will be given one free trial for every 12 hours. Top ranking players will be able to win EOS, and holders of the game’s FLB token will be capable of earning dividends every 12 hours. Due tot he current daily volume being low, projected winnings and dividends are unlikely to be much.

Currently, the blockchain-based version of this game will not be taken down. Dapp Rader shows that there have been over 57 users on the platform during the past 7 days with 154 transactions, which equals up to 3 EOS.

During the end of January 2014, Flappy Bird become the most downloaded free game for the App Store of the iOS. Even though it was a huge hit with smartphone users around the world and the massive amount of earning it was generating, the Creator for Flappy Bird, Dong Nguyen pulled the game down from the App Store to end the overwhelming attention the game was receiving along with curing the guilt over the addictive nature the game held over its players.

At the moment, it’s quite unclear who’s behind the addition for Flappy Bird on EOS, and whether the EOS can truly enhance the performance of popular games similar to Flappy Bird, gaming on the blockchain is something no one should be surprised by and instead expect it to grow as the blockchain industry continues to expand its presence.

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