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Everyone Needs To Be Aware of This Fake Trezor Wallet

Trezor, recently posted a tweet on their Twitter account warning people of the fake Trezor Wallet clone that’s currently out on the market.

The model in question is the Trezor One. It’s currently being sold on the market and the company isn’t aware of how long has it been out in the market, but the company does share ways for you to identify whether or not the wallet that you own is legit.

Trezor informed the public that if customers have kept the original package, there are clues in the design which can help you identify its legit or not.


Individuals that have fake wallets can send them to TREZOR, for which they are offering an original hardware wallet, free of charge as a way to make up for the mess.

The company’s priority is to learn as much as it can about these fake products and find a way to mitigate the potential damage this market intrusion can make.

Most of the identification methods used to determine if the wallet is legit or not can be seen through the packaging.


Our thoughts

Things like this can be prevented with modern day blockchain technology such as including blockchain-active chips in the packaging that contain data for their supply chain. Think VeChain.

Using blockchain technology to record and track product data has already seen successful implementation, with major companies like IBM and Microsoft having been focused on supply chains and creating platforms that enable any company to leverage blockchain technology.

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