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eToro Seeks To Form Partnership with Ripple

Online trading platform eToro has recently commented about seeking a partnership with Ripple.

During a recent interview, CEO of eToro, Yoni Assia claims that he met with Ripple’s very own CEO Brad Garlinghouse while at the Paris Fintech Forum in order to discuss how the two companies can possibly collaborate in the coming future.

“I think as a fintech company it’s very important for us to foster relationships with other fintech companies. Obviously, we’re one of the largest trading platforms on XR – so very interested in forming a relationship with Ripple Labs and understanding what we can do together.”

The CEO of eToro goes on to explain the reason for this recent interest in partnering with Ripple is due to the growth in the fintech sector concerning blockchain, tokenization, and asset management. Currently, the firm is interested to see how Ripple and eToro can possible working together in the coming future. He states that,

As a fintech company, its imp for us to foster relationships with other fintech companies. Mr. Yoni said. Obviously, we are one of the largest trading platforms in XRP, so very interested in forming a relationship with RippleLabs and understanding what can we do together. We’re definitely interested in bringing more partners in eToro ecosystem.

Additionally, he also elaborated on how blockchain is capable of disrupting the entire industry, especially the asset management industry. Yoni emphasizes the cryptocurrency shall bring a treasure trove of opportunities to fintech startups and companies.

“Blockchain is going to disrupt the Asset Management industry because all of the assets in the world will eventually get tokenized. So they will transfer into digital assets that actually are transferable on a global scale which basically means will gonna computerized and digitized the entire wealth management industry and that is going to bring a lot of opportunities to fintech startups and to companies that can manage blockchain assets.” Yoni said.

Ripple has already managed to successfully partner up with other crypto exchanges such as Bittrex, Bitso, Bitstamp, and These platforms have helped power Ripple’s cross-border payment solutions xRapid, which was developed to utilize XRP to move value across borders. CEO of Binance, Changpeng Zhao has even recently commented that he wishes to partner up with Ripple and boost xRapid.

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