Erik Voorhees CEO of ShapeShift Talks About Worldwide Crypto Takeover

As Co-founder and CEO of ShapeShift, Erik Voorhees has earned quite the amazing reputation in the crypto scene. As one of the first people to have stepped up to the plate that later became Cryptocurrency, he’s become known for being opinionated, outspoken, and has no faith in the SEC.

Over the years he’s shared his thoughts on his exploratory times and what the scene was like at the time before the existence of “Lambo” and “Blockchain” became the standard solution to solve whatever needs to be solved.

As a seasoned player of the crypto game, Voorhees has learned to not become intimidated by the bear market. Once you’ve dealt with them for a couple of years now, you learn to not over-stress during each decline, especially since he experienced worst of them during the early years of crypto.


Voorhees has stated that it’s very important to decentralized money and ensure that it phases out the government or any sort of central authority from it place. Why is that you may ask? He believe the government has too much power over people and can easily censor them due to the kind of hold they contain over people money, and can easily tell them what they can and can’t spend their hard earn cash on.

“Governments should not have the ability or right to censor and control language, nor declare what language is or how people use it. Similarly, they should not have the ability or right to censor and control money, nor declare what money is or how people use it.”

Our Thoughts

Erik Voorhees is a true veteran in the field who’s passionate about the power behind cryptocurrency and the effects it can have on a global scale. While some might disagree with him on certain matters and might find him too much to handle, no one can deny he’s a true believe of the crypto scene.

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