EOS sees significant growth in the last 5 months surpassing Ethereum

PeckShield, a blockchain security firm, released research analyzing the EOS blockchain since its main net launch in June 2018. Here is what the research found:

  • Nearly 200 dApps went live on the EOS blockchain over the past 5 months.
  • The daily activity on EOS is nearly 9 times that of the Ethereum blockchain, and its peak transaction volume is nearly 10 times that of Ethereum’s.
  • As of November 26, EOS saw 27 dApp security incidents that resulted in 400,000 EOS loss to hackers.

Let’s briefly dive into what’s going on. Some key highlights below:

  • Nearly 200 DApps went live on the EOS blockchain over the past 5 months with more than 500,000 users, and its daily trading volume once hit as high as 100 million yuan (about$14.51 million), according to China’s blockchain media platform Blockchain Truth.
  • EOS DApps registered a trading volume of 7.05 million yuan on August 25, beating Ethereuam which saw a 2.55 million yuan worth of trading volume on the same day for the first time.
  • In less than half a year after the mainnet went live, the daily activity on EOS is nearly 9 times that of Ethereum, and the its peak transaction volume is about 10 times of Ethereum’s.

The report by Blockchain Truth indicated that EOS blockchain has more than 500,000 users. However, data from security firm Peckshield shows among the 500,000 users, nearly 120,000 accounts are controlled by certain groups.

Now the downside

While everything seems quite positive on paper with the increased numbers, there are some negative things that come with that as well. EOS is also troubled by series of hacking attacks. According to Peckshield, EOS has saw 27 DApp security incidents by November 26th, resulting in the loss of 400,000 EOS which is equivalent of roughly 8 million yuan.

Now, good thing is that most of the attacks are related to random number vulnerabilities, not to bugs of the blockchain.


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