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Donald Trump’s former interior secretary Ryan Zinke leaves the white house for blockchain

US President Donald Trump’s former interior secretary Ryan Zinke, who spent most of the last two years promoting blockchain technology, has now taken up a position with blockchain company Artillery One after leaving the white house.

The new project that is being worked on by The North Carolina Business Corporation which was created by Wall Street financier Daniel Cannon. Daniel felt that this new project will be a good fit for Ryan Zinke and invited him to join the team.

Zinke is active in the blockchain scene

Zinke argues that there seems to be a suspicion in some quarters that “blockchain does not really work”, an argument he has clearly set out to disprove. “We think it does and we want to showcase the utility and flexibility of the model,” he asserts.

Because of this, he wants to join a blockchain company and make an impact on the community.

Blockchain advocates have long been supporting the notion that the technology can really find a home in struggling overseas markets.

An indication of this has been shown by Bitcoin uptake in some countries under extreme international pressure or internal economic upheaval, but as yet blockchain is a long way from becoming a mainstream go-to solution, despite an increasing and much-publicized use of the technology in the area of supply chain distribution.

He said that blockchain could make it possible for “tracing cobalt through blockchain to make sure production isn’t being done using child labor”. It an issue already being looked into by Amnesty International, exploring the possibility of implementing blockchain technology to address the problem of child labor by enabling consumers to choose a mine to make their purchase and then tracking from source on the blockchain.

It remains to be seen what an ex-politician can bring to this innovative new world.

It is quite exciting to see more veterans from different industries move into blockchain.


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Samuel Tan

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