Disney, EA, and Tencent Possibly Bidding For Korbit

The very first Korean cryptocurrency exchange has recently become the target for big names such as Disney, EA, and Tencent for a bidding campaign.

Kim Jung-Ju, the owner of one of the biggest gaming companies in South Korea, Nexon, recently announced that he is selling the company. Although, Nexon is merely a small percentage when it comes to NXC empire. Besides, Nexon the business also operates and owner Korbit Exchange and Bitstamp.

While some experts have predicted that Kim may decide to retain his blockchain-related businesses and sell the rest of the $9 billion-valued business, media outlet The Bell says that Kim would prefer to sell NXC outright to a single interested party.

Furthermore, Tencent has begun to show interest on completing the deal themselves and has even requested Goldman Sachs to oversee its bid for NXC. Although, American video game developer EA, has expressed interest in bidding for the company, along with Disney being the third expected bidder.

Kim is eager to sell his business soon enough, and the bidding process is said to being sometime during mid-February, and possible early as just after the Lunar New Year holidays, which is during February 3-6.

Our Thoughts

With three powerhouse businesses getting involved in purchasing NXC, it’s going to be quite interesting to see which of these companies win the bid and do with their new business acquisitions. While Disney may have not shown much interest in cryptocurrency in the past, this could be a large win for the crypto space if they manage to win, due to possible integration with their parks and other magical locations.

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Keith Wang

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