Despite the bear market and potential ICO refunds, Pantera Capital raises $175 million

A while back it was reported that roughly 25% of Pantera Capital’s ICO investments may need to be refunded back to its investors due to regulations implemented by the SEC.

Despite all the drama and the current bear market, the investment firm raised another $175 million in venture funding.

Pantera Capital mentioned in an investor letter:

“We raised two-thirds of the $175 million target in the first close, and plan to hold a final closing in Q1 of 2019,” 

Pantera’s venture fund, dubbed VFII, is up nearly 60% from Q1 to Q3, according to the letter. Over the same period, bitcoin is down 53%. Passive fund Bitwise Index 10, which tracks ten cryptos, is down 59% over the same period.

That is a pretty solid track record for Pantera.

About half a year ago, Coindesk reported that Pantera has raised roughly $71 million so far with the target goal of $175 million.

Prior filings with the SEC show that the firm at least raised $13 million for its Venture Fund II in 2016 and $25 million for its ICO Fund in 2017.

What’s even more important to note is that Pantera Capital recorded a 10,000 percent return over the last five years from its stakes in various cryptocurrency projects. Pantera has invested in crypto exchanges such as Bitstamp, Korbit and Shapeshift, as well as payments startups like Circle and Ripple.

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