Despite being Bitcoin-friendly, Square’s Cash App continues to block Gab’s accounts

The struggle for is real. A while back, we wrote an article on, “The battle for freedom of speech with Gab and blockchain.” which covered the struggles that Gab was going through to find a reliable payment processor for their platform.

The company had already been refused service by PayPal and Stripe. More recently, a turn towards cryptocurrency payments ran into trouble when both BitPay and Coinbase declined to process payments for Gab, and Coinbase banned the personal account of Gab founder and CEO Andrew Torba.

An anonymous source told BREAKER mag that all known accounts belonging to Gab had been deactivated by Square, and would remain deactivated for the foreseeable future.

It was also confirmed by the source that Square would also pro-actively delete any new accounts that it learned were connected with Gab.

Gab’s struggle to find a cryptocurrency payment processor seems to mark a shift in the cryptocurrency payments space.

Some Gab supporters were enthused by a tweet posted on January 6 from Gab’s official Twitter account, which seemed to imply that Cash, the bitcoin-friendly payment app from Square, had decided to restore Gab’s access to the service.

The anonymous source confirmed that was not the case and that Square will not allow Gab’s accounts to function within their network.

Gab isn’t the first company to struggle with payment systems in the cryptocurrency space. WikiLeaks had also been closed due to a terms of service violation.


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