Crypto Payment Platform CoinGate Integrates Nano

Leading payment platform Coingate, has recently announced that Nano has been fully integrated as the newest native cryptocurrency. According to information provided by the blog, anyone who owns Nano will no be capable of shopping at more than 4,000 merchants that use their payment platform.

“The addition of Nano onto the CoinGate platform is the first part of a multi-step integration that will enable people to make and receive payments with Nano during their everyday life,” said Nano Foundation COO George Coxon. “It reflects solid progress towards the goal of positioning Nano as the leading peer-to-peer digital currency.”

Founded during 2014, Coingate provides a reliable infrastructure for blockchain payments that meet the needs for both merchants and consumers in over 100 countries around the world. The business has processed over 280,000 consumers transaction since 2018.

“We are thrilled to enable more than 4,000 of our merchants to accept NANO because it is fee-less and extremely fast – tackling exactly the issues that major cryptocurrencies face,” said Vilius Semenas, Chief Commercial Officer at CoinGate.

Our Thoughts

At the current moment, cryptocurrency is still undergoing a nascent stage and plenty of merchants remain skeptical to accept it as a form of payment. Even so, Nano provides them with a viable alternative that is seamless, efficient and secure.

Are you planning to use Coingate now that they’ve integated Nano?

Let us know your thoughts.

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Keith Wang

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