Crypto Exchange VCTRADE Will Now Accepts Deposits of XRP, BTC, and ETH

Crypto Exchange VCTRADE has announced through a press release that it’ll begin to accept deposits made up of XRP, Bitcoin, and Ethereum.

As stated in the press release,

 “The Company will begin providing virtual currency receipt (receipt) service from December 21, 2018 (Friday). In this way, we will receive XRP (XRP), Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) designated by the Company from the virtual currency handled by us from Wallet etc of another virtual currency exchange trader.”

The company has also confirmed that normal operations of BCH blockchain on the platform will continue on and the deposits for cryptocurrency will become available for their customers. VCTRADE plans to announce it sometime in the future once the groundwork has been laid down.

Furthermore, the press release states that the delivery address is limited to the address pertaining to the company’s designated hardware wallet and the designed wallet should be sent to a registered address via mail and it should be received by the customer themselves. This is to ensure the company can keep an eye out for cases on money laundering and other possible illicit performances.

The company plans to launch these services during January 2019.

VCTRADE was launched by SBI Holdings during June during a time of fanfare and euphoria. It became one of the major exchanges to be based around XRP.

Our Thoughts

Exchanges continue to pop up onto the scene even with this bearish marketing currently undergoing. While VCTRADE is one of the more recent ones to pop up, it’s going to be quite interest to see if it can survive the current turmoil undergoing in the crypto scene.

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