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Crypto Exchange OKEx lists XRP and Bitcoin Cash on its Customer-to-Customer Market

Malta-based crypto exchange OKEx has recently announced that it shall be including support for XRP and Bitcoin cash on its Customer to Customer trading marketing. The purpose of this market is to deal with fiat-to-cryptocurrency trades and provides its users with an opportunity to purchase and sell cryptocurrency from each other by using prominent fiat currencies. At the moment, the peer-to-peer market supports the fiat currencies for British pounds, Chinese Renminbi, Vietnamese Dong, Russian Ruble, and Thai Baht.

Even with these newly added tokens to its platform, OKEx has decided to delist some in the meantime, those being QTUM, NEO, and Exchange Union (XUC) from its customer to customer trading platform as of Monday, February 24th. They’ve given no explanation as to why they are delisting these tokens for the time being. Traders have been advised to cancel any open orders by the stated time in or to avoid any potential inconveniences.

XRP and Bitcoin cash shall be joining four other cryptocurrency currently available on the customer to customer platform. Those being, Bitcoin (BTC), Ehtereum (ETH), Tether (USDT) and Litecoin (LTC). They’ve also been paired with over five fiat currencies mentioned previously.

The trading platform shall also provide a convenient and accessible method for the public to trade cryptocurrency by utilizing familiar fiat currencies. According to information provided by OKEx, users will be able to place orders with self-selected exchange rates and payment methods with zero transaction fees.

According to OKEx the final procedure shall be:

For buying: Pay according to the payment method available. Then select “I have paid”. Once the seller confirmed the receipt of your payment, they will release the tokens.

For selling: Wait for the buyer to transfer the payment. Please make sure that you have received the payment before releasing the tokens.

Users have also been encouraged to always double check with their banks to ensure the completion of fiat transactions has occurred.

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