ConsenSys and Ethereum Founder Joseph Lubin Incredible Tweets on Future of BlockChain and Crypto

ConsenSys Founder and co-founder of Ethereum, Joseph Lubin just slammed a massive info dump on Twitter, outlining the reasons behind his belief on what the blockchain movement means to him, and why Ehtereum is on top of its game.

The Tweets

Lubin proceeded to highlight the constant grown of DApp ecosystems along with blockchain-based solutions to a slew of different problems dealing governments and financial service providers around the globe, from places like Dubai, Chile, Estonia, Japan, Philippine, South Africa and Switzerland.

According to Lubin, giant business and enterprises seems to understand the grand image. They’re proceeding to advance their own private blockchains while decentralized platform such as Brave and Civic continue to grow. He has also gone off to call the crypto community “weird and amazing”, while also calling out user interfaces that are becoming even “more beautiful by the day,”

Here are some of the tweets that Lubin posted in his mass tweeting,

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Keith Wang

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