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Coinbase is allowing users to withdraw money to Paypal for free

For those that aren’t aware, Coinbase is allowing users to withdraw money to their Paypal account for free.

This was a quiet and “secret” move from the exchange and includes withdrawals of currencies like USD, EUR, and GBP.

Coinbase has not officially announced about this enabled feature on their website or through their social media handles. Although, some users have reported receiving emails from Coinbase about this.

The option for charge free withdrawals is only availed by a handful of regions, like US, UK, EU, and Canada. As of now, Coinbase provides wallets for USD, GBP, and EUR, but this addition may indicate inclusion of CAD and AUD wallets.

In order to enable this option, the users have to verify their identities, following which, they will receive and e-mail of confirmation.

Our thoughts

This is a great move by Coinbase since it usually cost money to make transactions through Coinbase. But thinking from the bigger picture, this might also mean that the option for PayPal deposits might be underway.

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