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Chinese Tech Giant Baidu Launches New Blockchain to Support dApp Development

China’s most dominant search engine, Baidu recently revealed its Blockchain as a Service platform (BaaS) offering, the Baidu Blockchain Engine (BBE), which is being referred as the “blockchain operation system” by Baidu. The BaaS platform currently supports over three blockchain protocols, those being a permission version of Ethereum, Hyperledger Fabric, and Baidu’s very own XuperChain.

During the previous year, Baidu published plans that also included Hyperledger Sawtooth, but it wasn’t made available for the launch.

Even so, there is some feature that currently stands out.

For instance, it says there is cross-chain trusted interaction. Baidu’s Xuperchain protocol supports parallel chains. Meaning that this likely refers to communication between chains within Xuperchain.

Another interesting feature that stands out from the rest is the “general smart contract.” Each of the three blockchain protocols supports Ehtereum’s Solidity smart contracts. The general smart contract may be a “write once” and currently works on any of three available blockchains.

BBE was developed on top of Baidu Cloud’s ABC strategy, those being AI, Big Data, and Cloud. Hosting is also being supported on Baidu’s private cloud platform and well as on premises.


Baidu is also laying down a numerous amount of applications which are currently in production such as the Internet of Things (IoT), hazardous chemical logistics, financial collections, asset securitization, sharing financial data, and consumer finance. The platform has already been set to support the authenticity of 50 billion assets.

The blockchain announcement made a large deal on hazardous chemical solutions. For safety purposes, the chemicals should only travel along planned routes, the driver needs to be capable of driving safely, and the trucks need to be in pristine and safe conditions.

Blockchain shall enable the truck data to be tracked and shared, with complete trust from the source of information. There’s a security chip in the truck which prevents the drivers from tampering with any gathered data. So all parties will be aware of the route the cargo traveled through and whether the driver kept at appropriate speeds. Also, the vehicle certification will have a digital signature, so the source can be seamlessly identified, making forgery quite difficult to pull off.


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