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CEO of Abra confirms that buying stocks with Ripple (XRP) is on its way

Abra CEO, Bill Barhydt, recently made a tweet on Twitter that confirmed Abra will, eventually, allow for XRP to be used as a form of payment to purchase stocks through the app. The tweet occurred because Barhydt was outright asked about this possibility by twitter account XRP Nation. The CEO was direct in his affirmation of the prospect.

Take a quick look at the Tweet below:

This seemed to please the XRP community and is certainly an exciting step forward for both XRP and Abra.

For those that aren’t aware of Abra, users of Abra will initially be offered exposure to various big name stocks, like Google and Facebook, as well as a selection of ETFs. The plan is to continue to expand what is being offered over time.

In a way, Abra is trying to do what Robinhood is doing.

This is arguably a huge step forward for users who have no means to access traditional markets, and could also be a boon for the adoption of Bitcoin, if it can serve as an on ramp to investing for new users.

It is unclear at this time if further cryptocurrencies will also be supported, but it seems plausible that if XRP is being explored, other popular assets will be as well. In the meantime stick with Chepicap for all XRP and Abra news!


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