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Casa Launches a Browser Extension For Its Lightning Network BTC Node

Crypto startup has recently announced the launching of a browser extension for its lightning network-enabled Bitcoin node. This announcement was made through a blog post made on the companies official website.

As gathered from the blog, Casa browser extension will become the easiest way to interact with both a local node and external websites utilizing cryptocurrency, making it quite the complimentary extension suited for Casa product line.


The blog further states that the company the company originally wanted to develop the browser extension during the summer of 2018, but then decide they should concentrate on a web dashboard instead.

The lightning network is a layer-two protocol running on top of the Bitcoin network which facilitates transactions at rapid speeds and larger volumes.

During an interview conducted by Coindesk, Casa founder Jeremy Welch commented,

“The main thing right now if you’re using a Casa Node and your going … to any of these other sites, you’re basically having to open a second browser tab to open the main Casa dashboard and enter in all the payment information somewhat manually.”

The blog further sates:

“The Node has already given hundreds of users an easy way to run a Bitcoin and Lightning Node. It allows you to easily make and receive payments via the Lightning Network, manage Lightning channels, and support the Bitcoin & Lightning networks.”

Welch has gone off to say that the company will as of now support the extension for two of the most commonly used browsers, Chrome and Firefox. By utilizing the extension, users will now be capable of controlling their Casa Node directly and enter their payment information much more seamlessly on websites that are utilizing the lightning-network.

Of course, it’s not only Casa that currently developing the usability of the Bitcoin lightning network. Plenty of other companies and such who’ve involved themselves in the creation of several lightning applications are giving it their all and this just marks the beginning of bigger things to come. The more people become aware of how the lightning network functions, the more it’ll become adopted and this step by Casa will definitely help pave that road.

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