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Cardano’s 1.4 update will be live on December 18th, here’s what you need to know

One project that caught the crypto community off by surprise with their substantial growth and recent developments is Cardano.

The company has been pumping out back to back news that’s been getting the community excited. A while back, Cardano’s CEO did a surprise AMA where he spoke about the future of Cardano and it gave the community a lot of hope.

Just a week back, Cardano launched a new crypto card with over 30,000 merchants signed up.

Just when you thought the rollercoaster ride was over, the CEO of Cardano tweeted that Cardano 1.4 will be live on December 18th.

What’s the update about?

This update’s release will be the most significant update ever made to the Cardano ecosystem.

It will include major amendments to the code base, an increase in storage capacity on the Cardano blockchain, and is crucial to Project Shelly which will shift Cardano into a fully decentralized and autonomous network.

The v1.4 update is something to be excited about and comes at a dark time in the cryptocurrency sphere, where some projects in the space are failing to deliver on their promises.

Cardano on its way to the top

Cardano has undergone a lot of scrutiny in the past regarding their slow peer-review process and lack of development. The argument is that other projects are moving faster and could gain a competitive advantage, but again we are in a bear market at the moment and most cryptocurrencies are suffering.

Let’s briefly go over some of the things Cardano did to overcome its internal struggles and set a solid foundation for 2019:

  • The release of two new smart contract tools that are a potential boon for the fintech industry. (Plutus and Marlowe)
  • More internal blockchain development
  • Many believe that through an atomic swap on Cardano, which is currently on going, Cardano may find an opportunity to rapidly accrue value.
  • Partnering with over 30,000 merchants for their crypto card in Korea.
  • The firm will produce and spread out ATMs across Japan this year leading to world wide adoption.

Our thoughts

Overall, Cardano’s future is looking bright. While they may not be the first blockchain to tackle smart contracts and dapps, their blockchain has some of the strongest fundamentals.

Now with some serious development and updates underway, we can expect to see a lot more from IOHK and the Cardano blockchain.

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