Cardano Founder Charles Hoskinson Reveals Major Upgrades For 2019

Cardano Founder Charles Hoskinson has recently uploaded a brand new video with information on the upcoming update, version 1.4. This new version 1.4 is a major upgrade that introduces a new data layer that will lead toward reduction on disk storage by a factor of 10.

Hoskinson states,

“It’s a considerable improvement, and people post-upgrade should really notice a big improvement there.”

Hoskinson wishes everyone to jump on board and commented that the Cardano team will most likely set up a dedicated channel through Telegram for anyone who’s having issues migrating onto the new version.

While the process may be slow and requires some time, Hoskinson promises some fantastic results.

“It’s a big update, and you’re basically moving from the old, broken, not-so-good data layer to the new, awesome, wonderful, great data layer. But in the process of that transition, it does take a bit of time.”

Upcoming Updates and “Shelley”

The main object for project “Shelley” is to make Cardano decentralized. There are three dimensions to Shelley: a testing dimension, a deployment dimension and social dimension.

The team plans to utilize the first quarters of 2019 in order to test out the new protocols and make sure that the ideas for incentives, delegation and new ledger rules will actually work.

Shelley will then undergo a series of upgrades necessary to the Cardano client.

“There’s going to be some changes to the ledger rules. There’s going to be some changes to the APIs. And there’s going to be some changes to the network stack, and all of these things are required for us for Shelley logic.”

Raising Shelley Durability

Hoskinson has gone into the details behind the workings for a massive platform, involving a great deal of computer engineers, some who end up quitting the project.

“One of the reasons why we had so much trouble throughout 2018 actually getting good products out is that we were dealing with a code base that did not have good documentation.”

In order to migrate Shelley, the network will need to validate legacy transaction. The current team will need to create codes for both the old system and the new system.

“The good news is the new system doesn’t have any of these legacy concerns. We designed it. We wrote it, and it’s based on good principles. So it’s much simpler and it’s much easier to test. It’s much easier to understand…

The core of the system is an implementation-agnostic collection of mathematical representations, and any developer should be able to take that, read it, understand it, and say, ah, I understand what you’re talking about when you say, ‘This is a valid transaction versus not. I can reason with the spec to understand one versus the other.’ From the UTXO set to the ledger rules to how consensus will work to how the network will work – that is the soul of our protocol. Now that we have that, we’re moving along quite well.”

Here’s the video containing the valuable information provided by Hoskinson.

Our Thoughts

Cardano Seems to be on it’s way on becoming something even larger then before. If Hoskinson and his team manage to succeed with their upcoming upgrades and expansion during 2019, they could becoming serious powerhouse in the crypto scene.

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