Canyudo launches a blockchain and social tasking app

UK blockchain startup Canyudo has released its social tasking app in closed beta ahead of its public launch in January 2019.

What does this app do?

Canyudo is a multi-purpose app that offers four main features and services:

  • A classified marketplace
  • A freelance marketplace
  • Task management app similar to Trello
  • Payment service for the marketplace

The main focus of this closed beta will be the classified marketplace. The platform allows users to advertise jobs, tasks, events, or items for sale with the option to make or take payments in cryptocurrency or conventional currencies. Pretty much acting as a marketplace for cryptocurrency.

The app itself will handle all the payments ensuring that all the work is complete, quite similar to other marketplaces that connect freelancers and business (Upwork).

So where does blockchain play a role?

The app leverages blockchain technology for improved transparency and payment efficiency.

Within the app, users can create tasks which they can assign to any of their exciting contacts individually or to a pre-defined user group such as uploading an email list.

Users can also opt to broadcast the task to the network for other app users to search out.

Users who are looking to purchase items or a temp. freelance gig can browse the app for open positions.

Each user on Canyudo has a profile which they can update to display their skills, qualifications, and task categories that fit their work experience so they can get notified automatically when jobs posted to the network match their work profile.

In addition to that, the app has a built in rating system, so you can see reviews of past performance and more within the app.

On Canyudo, smart contracts process transfers of digital assets between entities when conditions agreed upon by the parties are fulfilled. Smart contracts generated through use of the app are run on the Ethereum (ERC20) platform.

Each time the app is used to send a payment or document a process via the execution of a smart contract, a fee is charged and a charitable contribution is made. App users can choose the charity they wish this money to be paid to.

The company says it will allocate one third of its revenues to charitable causes.



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