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Canadian Exchange CoinSquare Acquires Decentralized Exchange StellarX

One of the largest exchanges in Canada, CoinSquare, has successfully acquired StellarX. This new trading platform was developed on the Stellar universal marketplace. The StellarX team made this announcement through a medium post and assured their fans that it would continue with the roadmap they outlined during September of 2018.

The developing and designer team at CoinSquare will be working alongside the StellarX platform in order to make the platform one of the best in the crypto sphere while operating and expanding under its own brand.


One of the reasons behind CoinSquare decision for this acquisition of StellarX is due to the immense potential it holds. Despite the ongoing bear market, StellerX current holds up to tens of millions of dollars from various Holders account. This progress shall help the growth of StellarX platform and will ultimately lead to increasing adoption for Stellar (XLM).

In order to help StellarX achieve larger brand statues, CoinSquare has decided to play an important role and it would fulfill its max potential. CoinSquare is a very prominent platform that can help StellarX achieve tons of exposure. The key aspect is that the company has a positive relationship with the regulatory authorities in Canada, Europe, and the US.

CoinSquare also previously acquired BlockEQ during the previous year for a total of $12 million. StellarX will be lead by BlockEQ’s co-founder, Megha Bambra, and will continue to further grow and enhance Stellar.

BlockEQ is a private Stellar wallet that allows its users to have complete control of their funds with the help of a private key. The wallet is currently available for both smartphone and computers. BlockEQ also became the first native iOS wallet to support trading on StellarX.

Originally launched during July 2018, StellarX offers decentralized trading for multiple cryptocurrencies from different blockchains along with the ones on the Stellar network. The exchange can also be used for free and its the first decentralized exchange with worldwide fiat gateways. The exchange is also offering XLM as a base currency for trading.

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