Breakout time for Ripple (XRP)? Accepted by more than 4500 stores worldwide

Ripple continues to hit the spotlight daily with new announcements, goals, and partnerships. Despite the crypto winter, Ripple isn’t putting a stop to their upward momentum. Despite the skepticism of many, the Ripple team has managed to captivate several investors, with important new partnerships.

The last partnership was revealed a few hours ago when the cryptocurrency payment processor CoinGate announced that it was providing support for XRP in all of its 4500 stores.

When a company chooses to expand their product line, they have a few options.

The most common one is to build the solution and partnership in-house and the second is to leverage integrations of other successful companies to penetrate a new market. Ripple does an amazing job of both.

Coingate believes in Ripple’s future

The CoinGate team comments that in addition to having studied the technology, the decision to accept XRP was made considering the high demand for the token in the community. From the annoucement, Coingate mentions: “We are thrilled to let you know that we are adding yet another payment option for our merchants, and this time it’s a big one! Due to very popular demand by the community, our next cryptocurrency on the list – XRP!
As a result, XRP coin owners can now use it as a means of payment at more than 4,500 shops online! Whether you want to purchase a VPN, video game or anything else, you are more than welcome to do that!”

CoinGate emphasized that as a company they have high confidence in Ripple’s trustworthiness and the advanced blockchain technology they develop. CoinGate noted that despite accusations of being extremely centralized, Ripple is carrying out a decentralization strategy in which they stimulate the admission of third-party validators, removing one proprietary node for every two new decentralized nodes.

To show the community more commitment and appreciation for Ripple, Coingate also mentioned that they are now running our own XRP Ledger validator.

More jobs ahead for Ripple

Its marketing strategy and a solid technological development have allowed it to rise to number 2 in the global market cap, surpassed only by Bitcoin, which remains the undisputed king of cryptocurrencies.

Currently, unlike other projects that have had to dismiss several members due to economic losses, Ripple has initiated a campaign to acquire talent. At the moment there are 36 open positions listed on Ripple’s job site, for various departments in countries such as the United States, United Kingdom, Brazil, China, Dubai, Singapore, and India.


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