Brazilian Supermarket Chain Begins Accepting Crypto Coins as Payment

A Brazilian supermarket chain by the name of Oasis Supermercados, has recently announced that it shall begin accepting cryptocurrency payments after asking local exchange for information and training for its employees on how to do so.

According to information provided by the local news outlet Portal do Bitcoin, the chain’s customers will now be capable of purchasing their goods with Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin, as stated by one of the firm’s managers Douglas Andrade.

Andrade further commented to the local news that it was his brother Thiago who came up with the idea of accepting cryptocurrency payments, after watching a video explaining how it’s done. After watching the informative video, his interest was peaked, leading towards Oasis Supermercados calling a crypto exchange for more information.

It’s been reported that the firm has an annual turnover of $6.5 million an 90 employees, 20 of those being cashiers. Andrade stated that every single one of them has been trained to accept cryptocurrency payments. He says,

It’s really easy. It’s like a payment by credit card. The client says which cryptocurrency he wants to pay, the operator types in reais and the system already converts to that crypto. Then just scan the QR code and you’re done.

The business will be accepting cryptocurrencies through the use of CoinWISE, a company that turns the cryptocurrency they receive into reais and sends them over three days after payments have been made.

While the local news has pointed out that since the system was just recently implemented, no cryptocurrencies have yet to be made, although Andrade has commented that the news has spread and suggestions have been made on accepting other forms of cryptocurrencies.



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